Alcohol and Other Liquids Dispensing Initiative

Our family over the last 50 year accumulated lots bottles of wine and other alcoholic drinks. I estimate 200 bottles! They were often given as gifts or were leftovers from parties. Since our family in general doesn’t drink, we just kept accumulating them. We have huge amounts of cooking wine too that are unused and vinegar and other liquids. I’ll use the comment section to track the progress on decluttering my house by getting rid of unnecessary bottles.

2 thoughts on “Alcohol and Other Liquids Dispensing Initiative”

  1. On Christmas day, 12/25/16, while cleaning to get ready for the family members’ visit, I was able to dispense of some bottles.

    Since I think some of the bottles were from one of the members I decided to give him some if I found them. I found two bottles in the kitchen I think belonged to him, so I gave it to his wife any way. Bwahaha! Merry Christmas.

    I also, with blessing of Mom, disposed of at least 3 bottles of rhasberry vinegar gone bad, 1 bottle of colvita vinegar really gone bad, 1 bottle of 7-year-old patis, 1 bottle of 7-year-old-squid sauce. When I say 7-year old, I think that’s about at LEAST as old as it is!

    So the tally of dispensed bottles for that day and so far.

    2 + 3 + 1 + 1 = 7

  2. Mom wanted to make some banana treats sautéed in wine and honey. So I opened a bottle of Bardolino by Bolla. The cork was a mess and came apart and got into the wine. Before I figured out to use a strainer, I ended up pouring half-the bottle out.

    It was dry, didn’t taste all that good to me anyway.

    Tally so for dispensed bottles is no 8.

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