Attic Initiative

I decided to start adding planks to the 2 attics. 1 attic in the main house, and a smaller attic in the garage. All told I estimate there is about 1000 square feet of floor space in the main attic, and about 400 square feet in the garage attic which actually covers part of the family room, the entire 2nd floor bathroom, the laundry room and the garage.

I decided on the initiative in order to reduce clutter in the house by leveraging the attic space plus to add safety when I’m up in the

attic since I nearly was badly injured or possibly died after falling through the attic over the garage because I stepped on an unfastened plank that slipped! Thank fully I didn’t fall all the way down to the concrete floor below of fall on top of someone in the family room. Instead my rib cage got caught on the ceiling joist and I just hung there for a few moments and managed in desperation to climb back to safety. I got such a gash on my ribs I have a 6″ scar there to this day.

When I was at home depot on 12/24/16, as I explained my mishap to one of the employees in the lumber department, he said I was lucky to survive, and then I was saddened to hear him say that one of the former employees died just a couple days earlier slipping on ice and dying from complications. He had an 8 year old…

The storage unit I had rented once to reduce some clutter was only about 60 square feet. So by comparison, I have a lot of space to work with if I can get the attic floor constructed.

There was a lot of work just cleaning and moving ladders to use inside the house, getting some of the wood cut, transporting it, getting the right length screws, .

After I got up in the attic, there was a lot of prep work for each plank to add.

The cleaning of the ladders happened in the late fall. After a discussion with the roofers about them putting planks, I decided to install a few planks myself to help me make a decision on the matter of whether I should do it or them.

After 1 or two 96″ x 16″ planks were installed, I decided to do it all myself because of the intricate cuts, having to move things around in the attic, taking time to think how I wanted to arrange and do things, and not to mention I realized how costly it would be for the roofers to do the work as well as likely the quality not being to my liking, especially since I have to cut holes in the planks so they don’t squish the electrical work. Also there is the issue of insulation.

The cost of an 8′ x 4′ piece is 18.85 pretax and after a 6% sales tax it is $19.98. I realized I can get the 8′ x 4′ plank of plywood cut into three 96″x16″ plank for free at Home Depot. I was able to then transport the small planks up into the attic. The side benefit is that it allows me to remove and maintain small sections of the new attic “floor” if I need to, and it turned out early on I’ve had to redo some of the fastening of the floor planks.

I will post individual updates to the project in the comment section.

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  1. On 12/22/16 after getting a claim awarded to have my roof repaired, as I talked to the roofer, he basically told me how I could do the attic floor myself. The advice was worth a lot of money to me.

    I did some surveying of the problem in terms of costing the materials. I went and bought materials at Home Depot that night.

  2. On 12/23/16 I spent 3 hours installing just the first 2 square feet of flooring so using scraps of wood. The difficulty was just conceiving of the problem to get that first part of the floor near the hatch since there was some shoddy construction laid out there by someone (maybe the builder), with wooden beams all bent out of shape and stuck that way by a bad nail job! I had to cut out the offending parts.

    After looking at a diagram, I think that part was not really part of the original frame.

    I then added 2 96″ x 16″ planks. So I added about 23 square feet of attic floor on day 1!

    I went out that night and bought 27 more 96″ x 16″ planks.

  3. On 12/25/16 , while the family was here to watch over mom while I worked, and while they were doing their Christmas thing, I took about 4 hours to work on the attic. I slipped in a little time between playing with the kids and Christmas dinner.

    I got 3 more 96″ x 16″ planks in, that’s 32 more square feet for a total so far of 55 square feet.

  4. On 12/27/16 I added one more plank after 3 hours of work. The work was consumed by getting on the right clothing, setting up the safety cameras, cleaning the area, measuring cutting the wood to fit the ceiling joists (I had to trim off 1/4″ since Pulte didn’t frame the house at perfectly regular intervals!), getting the electrical stuff in place.

    So that added about 11 more square feet, for a total of 66 square feet so far!

  5. on 12/30/16 I commenced work on the garage attic.

    I installed 32 square feet of planks and 2 square feet with scraps for a total of 34 square feet.

    The sum total of area added between the two attics is now 100 square feet!

    I worked on putting together the ladder that had been in two pieces, one in the garage and one in the walk-in closet to access both attics. But now that I have another ladder (that I and my friend washed in the fall) in the walk-in closet, I can dedicate the two-piece ladder solely for the garage attic, and thus increase safety and easy of climbing.

    I adjusted the lighting. Unfortunately, my jig saw blade broke.

  6. 1/2/17

    I added 53 more square feet of floor to the garage attic after about 7 hours work moving tools, material, putting lighting and a computer safety monitor, and cutting, etc.

    Main attic total: 66 sq ft
    Garage attic total: 85 sq ft
    2-attics total: 153 sq ft

  7. 1/10/17

    As best as I can recall, I worked at a frustratingly slow pace to install 1 16″ x 8′ plank in the main attic after 6 hours of work clearing and arranging the attic and moving boxes out of the attic. I managed by the end, I think to put in 32 square feet by the end of the work day, probably all done in the last 2 hours of work.

    The main attic total is 98 sq ft.
    The two attic total is 185 sq ft.

  8. 1/16/17

    I added 53.33 sq ft. to the main attic. But the important thing was I was able to get the circular saw up into the attic and break apart a 4′ x 8′ plank that was apparently left there by the roofers. I was able to cut the plank up in the attic without incident.

    I also cleaned up the attic a little more.

    Unfortunatley, I discovered a lot of what looks like water damage to the roof.

    Main : 159
    Garage : 87
    Total : 247

  9. 1/21/17

    With 6 hours of frustration, I managed to build supports in the main attic to support flooring on the attic that is above the master bedroom. I didn’t lay any new floor in the main attic today, and probably lost a 16″ x 8′ plank due to too much cutting of it. I also improved how I might have to put small 2′ x 2′ planks between the ceiling joist sections.

    Just to be mildly productive, I installed 32 sq ft planks in the garage attic. It was midnight when I finished. Almost 12 hours work.

    Tally so far

    Garage Attic: 119 sq ft
    Main Attic: 159 sq ft
    Total : 279 sq ft

  10. 1/28/17
    added approximately 80 sq feet after 8 hours of work

    Garage 119
    Main 239.14
    Total 358

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