Getting a New Roof! Yay!

Thanks to some friends’ advice, I went to our insurance company and got a claims adjuster to come out and see if they can pay for a new roof. Our roof was confirmed in their records to be 17 years old, so we were in need of a new roof.

Since there was damage to the roof due to acts of God, the insurance company will pay (minus the deductible) for a new roof.

The claims adjuster was out here yesterday, and he wrote me a check right after the inspection of our house.

We hope to have a new roof by the end of January 2016! Yay!

One thought on “Getting a New Roof! Yay!”

  1. New roof installed 2/3, but the color was off. Worried a little about the HOA. Replaced 6 4’x8′ plywood planks that were rotted!

    Spout added 2/6.

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