Protein structure prediction via sequence comparisons

This isn’t the most clear article, but it shows many mysteries can be unlocked by comparing proteins and DNA between species. It suggests biology is optimized for scientific discovery and reverse engineering.

At the moment, we have a large list of archaea to analyze, but have switched priorities due to some extremely exciting new ideas regarding protein function prediction based on machine learning techniques (which sounds AI-cool, but is more statistics-cool) which we have developed in house, and on revised proteome data for Mouse and Human.
We have decided to re-run this new mouse and human data through our domain prediction pipeline and send results to the grid in order to get the best possible protein structure data. With improvements and updates to our pre- and post-processing methods and increased sampling on the grid (we’re now folding 100,000 structures per domain, up from 30,000!), we will be able to approach the problem of protein structure prediction in a novel and potentially game-changing way with the best data available.