Attic Boxes

I brought down most of the office card board file boxes I put together in 2008 and wrapped in plastic garbage bags. I had something like 29 boxes. It’s a bit emotional to now open them and review the contents. I feel almost some trepidation because it was not under happy circumstances that I moved these boxes to the attic. In any case, I’ll be reporting on each box that I open.

Attic Initiative

I decided to start adding planks to the 2 attics. 1 attic in the main house, and a smaller attic in the garage. All told I estimate there is about 1000 square feet of floor space in the main attic, and about 400 square feet in the garage attic which actually covers part of the family room, the entire 2nd floor bathroom, the laundry room and the garage.

I decided on the initiative in order to reduce clutter in the house by leveraging the attic space plus to add safety when I’m up in the
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Alcohol and Other Liquids Dispensing Initiative

Our family over the last 50 year accumulated lots bottles of wine and other alcoholic drinks. I estimate 200 bottles! They were often given as gifts or were leftovers from parties. Since our family in general doesn’t drink, we just kept accumulating them. We have huge amounts of cooking wine too that are unused and vinegar and other liquids. I’ll use the comment section to track the progress on decluttering my house by getting rid of unnecessary bottles.

Book Case Building

Somewhere around October or November, I built my first book case from a 27-dollar Walmart kit. It was horrible, but I leanred a lot. I decided then to make book cases from scratch with cheap wood.

I could not find a working jig saws in my house so I went to home Depot to get one. But then after talking to the sales associate, I made the tough decision to buy a new circular saw so I could build my own book cases from scratch and since I was afraid of them because I know of someone who had to get their hand re-attached after they chopped it off with a circular saw!

Plus I thought circular saws were expensive, but I got a Ryobi at Home Depot for $39. What a deal! In the comment section I will track my progress on the book cases. I have so much clutter in the house, and so many books I could probably build twenty 79.5″ x 30″ book cases.

The bonus was I found two old jig saws in the house after buying the circular saw!

Getting a New Roof! Yay!

Thanks to some friends’ advice, I went to our insurance company and got a claims adjuster to come out and see if they can pay for a new roof. Our roof was confirmed in their records to be 17 years old, so we were in need of a new roof.

Since there was damage to the roof due to acts of God, the insurance company will pay (minus the deductible) for a new roof.

The claims adjuster was out here yesterday, and he wrote me a check right after the inspection of our house.

We hope to have a new roof by the end of January 2016! Yay!